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Ally Pally Gaming Rally

8 desks, 8 Youtubers, 32 consoles meant the Legends of Gaming stage needed a bit of thought – and a lot of cable.

What I Did

Cabling, networking, configuring and monitoring 8 desks, each with a monitor up top and with four consoles and a video switcher nestled underneath: that’s 8 Xboxes, 8 PS4’s, 8 WiiU’s and 8 Gaming PC’s that all needed to be:

  • Networked together for competitive play
  • Outputted for display on 3 LED screens
  • Watchable on a preview monitor backstage for game setup, and, most importantly,
  • Displayed for the ‘Pro Gamers’ onstage

Who I Did It For

Freelance for Fonix LED, working for Endemol, Legends of Gaming.

What I used

8 x Xbox One/360, PS4, WiiU, Top Spec Gaming PC

8 x Blackmagic 4K HDMI to HD-SDI Converters for PS4 output

8 x Blackmagic Production Studio switcher controlled via Cat5 to backstage preview monitor and multiview

A mountain of controllers, chargers, power supplies and more network cables than you can count (plus Sharpies to label it all up!)

Note: This is only the kit for the part of the job that fell under my responsibility – clearly much more was needed for the rest of production, some of which is pictured to the left.