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Dementia Care Research - Naomi Gallant

An academic insight

A friendly, accessible blog by Naomi Gallant, providing a view in to the life of a Clinical-Academic PhD student, researching nutrition in Dementia patients in acute hospital settings.

What I Did

Setting up and customising a pre-built WordPress theme for Naomi’s blog Dementia Care Research. I chose and installed a theme, then spent some time creating the best set up, including customising the stylesheet to improve the look and feel.

I also keep an active involvement in maintaining the blog, including choosing (and sometimes taking) appropriate photography and assistance with sharing content across social channels.

Who I Did It For

My amazing wife, Naomi Gallant, currently undertaking a Clinical Academic PhD in Dementia Care at the University of Southampton.

What I used

WordPress, customising via CSS, Adobe Photoshop CC for header image, business cards and image optimisation.