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By way of introduction

I'm Joe. Hi.

What to say? I’m a creative guy from Kent, living and working in Bournemouth, UK with my lovely wife, Naomi.

I enjoy helping churches, charities and other businesses to find their voice online, through effective branding and quality content.

I also spend time producing videos, designing for print and screen, and working on live events. You can find out more below, or see some of my previous work in my portfolio!


Let’s get personal.

I gained a degree in Television Production from Bournemouth University.

After studying, I spent two years as a ministry apprentice at Lansdowne Church in Bournemouth.


I’m a keen musician, playing sax, guitar, piano and drums.

I’m a Millwall fan (don’t hold it against me) and I really enjoy watching Basketball.

The three questions

What are you saying?


First things first – it’s wise to think before you talk, so why should the way churches communicate be any different? Your message needs to be intentional and targeted, as well as maintaining the voice of the organisation.

What are they hearing?


Who are your audiences? Are your communications reaching them? Do they understand your intended messages, or are they going to misunderstand who you are as a ministry and what you’re trying to say to them?

How should you say it?

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What communication channels are your audience using, which should you be investing in? Critically, how is your church team organising your output across a range of channels – who is responsible and could it be more efficient?

How can they believe in him if they have never heard about him?

And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?

Romans 10:14

Where I come in


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The first step isn’t starting – effective communications takes planning. I can help you to plan your church communication strategy from scratch, or advise on making it even more effective. Message me, or read my church communications blog for some ‘getting started’ tips.



I offer training sessions to help you put your church communications plan in to action. These sessions are tailored to your needs and your specific situation, showing you the tools to use and processes that can help you become more efficient and effective. Get in touch for more details.



A brand isn’t just a logo. Everything your church organisation puts out carries a message, and as someone involved in communication, it’s your job to make sure that message is consistently on brand. Looks are important too, though – let’s talk about making you look awesome!

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